Case Studies

Over the years our services and deep-learning techonology have been used for many high-profile scientific publications. Below you find a collection of image analysis use cases or visit our News site to learn more about recent publications and conference contributions.

Massive structural reorganization of ER in obesity revealed by automated segmentation of organelles

Huntington’s disease: Novel insights into how aggregate formation impacts the cellular machinery

Apical length governs computational diversity of layer 5 pyramidal neurons

Alzheimer’s disease: New insights from functional & anatomical probing of transcriptomic diversity in human neocortex

Next level cell typing in the brain

LMtrace® unravels Retinal Ganglion Cell Anatomy

3D cellular reconstruction from Serial Block-Face Electron Microscopy of juvenile rat

Volume EM-based Reconstruction of Neurons in the Zebrafish Spinal Cord

Automated Cell Counting and Region Mapping in Whole Mouse Brain Light Microscopy Data

Automated Segmentation of Mitochondria and ER in Cortical Cells

Automated Segmentation of Intestinal Organoid Cells and Nuclei

Deciphering the Modes of Visual Integration in the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus

Dense EM-based Reconstruction of the Interglomerular Projectome in the Zebrafish Olfactory Bulb

MICCAI Challenge on Circuit Reconstruction from Electron Microscopy Images